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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Brake For Butterflies and God Messages

Life has been really hectic these days with my family going through some pretty hard times. You know the usual family stuff like screaming at each other in hospital rooms, listening to martyr like people claiming to do so much more than the other, and dramatic "What the heck are we gonna do's?" flying all over the place...so I did what any normal, abused, bothered and bewildered person would do...I took a Ferris Bueller day off and headed straight to the beautiful hills of the Ozarks...my second home and home of my cherished Alma Mater...the World Famous Arkansas Razorbacks!

Yes, it's all about one woman's struggle to take it easy...at least for one day! Check out the cool pics and life lesson I learned along the way...
My day trip through the Ozark Mountains was the perfect opportunity for unwinding as I maneuvered the winding roads of this famous hill country. I braked to save the myriad of butterflies that fluttered all around my vehicle and I stopped to smell the traditions of the Ozarks at some of my favorite local hangouts on the road to Arkansas Hog Country that wonderful day. If you are ever in these parts, check out the Hwy 23 Pig Trail where you will find the Turner Bend Store and some mighty fine Dagwood style sandwiches as well as cool biker and river gear. Head on toward Hwy 16 East, past Elkins and check out the world class subs and freshly made potato chips with fabulous homemade ranch dressing at Loafin' Joes in the cool small college town of Fayetteville.

And thanks to a small community church sign I happened to notice as I was NOT SPEEDING through the teeny tiny town of Elkins, I did ponder a thing or two that enlightening fall day...
In fact, opportunity appears to be knocking right now. I just hope I have the grit to open the door and let all the twittering butterflies come rushing in. Don't you just love God messages?
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