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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Always a day late...and a blog entry short...Celebrate National Pecan Pie Day today

Yipes! I was reading my favorite food blogs today and realized I missed National Pecan Pie Day, yesterday! What a freakin' bummer!! I do love that classic, good ole, Southern recipe...Pecan Pie and certainly want to pay tribute to it right here on Di's Cup Cakes!

However, I do wonder why it is that I can't keep up with all these national holidays and tributes geared toward just about everything under the sun that we can name, mention, relate to, chow down with, borrow, investigate, love to handle, or never live without. Anyway, I've got all the ingredients for three, yes, three delicious, classic pecan pies! Eat one...give the other two away...found the recipe and giving idea a while back on one of my fave sites, Bakerella!

And, I am without fail not going to miss National Pecan Pie Day on July 12th of next year, nor April 14th which is National Pecan Day which is certainly not to be confused with plain ole Pecan Day which is held in March! Got it? Oh well, nuts to you and hope you make these three pecan pies and give away two, too!

Three Pecan Pies
Melt 2 sticks margarine in microwave, set aside
Measure out 16 ounces pecan halves, check for hulls and such
Place 16 ounces light brown sugar in bowl
Add heaping tablespoon of self rising flour, stir
Add 16 ounce bottle light corn syrup, stir
Add 1 tablespoon vanilla, stir
Add the melted margarine and fold into mixture
Crack 6 eggs and loosely beat, then add to mixture
Add the pecans and stir completely
Pour mixture evenly into 3 traditional (not deep dish) frozen pie shells
Bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes or done when the pies swell up then go back down
Cool and store on counter or in fridge