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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Please Eat Responsibly...Chicken Fried Bacon

Hope you enjoy my Father's Day interview with the best dad I've ever known, Wild Bill Montgomery! From his days of growing up in Green Forest, AR to his working days on the MoPac Railroad to his family days in North Little Rock, AR...he's had a very special life. Just in case you haven't had the opportunity to meet him face to face...take a peek at my special dad!

No smoking, very little drinking, and eating on the healthy side has helped my dad live a long, productive life. And, because my life is a topsy turvy kind of world...here is a recipe I know you will love, but I hope you will choose to only eat every now and then! My hope for you is a full and happy life just like Wild Bill's! However, I couldn't resist sharing this Chicken Fried Bacon recipe and a YouTube video of where this dish just might have originated...it's a widow maker for sure!  Please eat responsibly!
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