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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Love A Great Coney Dog...

This monster coney dog is only $6.99 at Smokin' Buns on Hwy 107 North toward Cabot. Everything involved with the making of this dog is to Di for! Love the beef dog, the creamy cold slaw, the hearty chili (no beans) the onions, the mustard, and the fresh toasted bun!! The dog even comes with french fries! But, I always ask for a bag of chips instead of fries... wouldn't want to over do it!

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Loretta Lynn's Kitchen

We often travel toward Charlotte, NC to visit our family, and when we do we stop in at Hurricane Mills right off Interstate 40 around mile marker 143 and visit our friend, Loretta. Loretta is all over the kitchen area and continually running throughout her general store as we enjoy dropping in for a heaping bowl of Beans with Cornbread, & a big ole slice of onion. All for $4.99! The Sweet tea compliments our meal rather nicely.

Our friend, Loretta sure knows how we love our Southern delicacies and one day we hope she will come strolling through her country store and kitchen to give us a big ole "Howdy!" Until then, we'll just have to enjoy our meal and settle for soaking up all the pictures, souvenirs, and memorabilia of Loretta through the years that are scattered all over every square inch of the walls and premises. We do love you, Loretta!

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