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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Beans & Cornbread...A Southern and Grandma Kinda Thing

If you are ever in Eureka Springs and want to taste a true Southern tradition, you must visit Grandma's Beans & Cornbread. For just under 5 dollars you can gobble up a heaping bowl of beans of choice, yellow and delicious golden baked cornbread, and all the necessary fixins! In case you don't know about cornbread fixins', then mosey over to the fixin bar and see what I mean. A bountiful array of sauces, butter, sweet pickle relish, hot peppers, and ONIONS! Can't have beans & cb without a side or two of plain ole sliced white onions. Sorry if I'm talking above your head...it's a Southern thing...

Grandma's was facilitated by a pop and daughter who were working hard at trying to be nice to each other as I placed my order. Seems like Grandma's can accommodate up to a bus load of folks all at one sitting and a bus load had just stopped by about thirty minutes earlier. Luckily the multiple orders had been taken and served, however the daughter was at her wits' end (Southern talk for sick and tired of nobody helping) accommodating all the elderly folk with their refills and such.  But, I got my order right on target and all was well with me and #3 as we munched away. (It was heck trying to get into the bathroom later, though.) Click the link above if you wish to check the other menu items at Grandma's but, that's like ordering fish at a fine steakhouse. Anyway, the beans were correctly cooked and seasoned (yes, there is a correct way of cooking beans). No ham or meat was to be found...fine with me. And the scrumptious piece of cornbread was simply...to Di for! We also enjoyed side orders of coleslaw and topped it all off with the Cran-Apple Pie.  Simple, yummy, and down home delicious...squabbling cooks in the kitchen and all.

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