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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Did I Just See Martha Stewart Tipsy on the Hallmark Channel?

How could this be...my hero (heroine) Martha and two young guys hit the NYC scene and Martha gets loaded...all caught on camera! Well OK, maybe not loaded in the usual manner, but filled to the brim (as we say in the South) with some sinfully scrumptious Southern fried mania at a trendy NYC, soon to be very famous hot spot, Pies n Thighs.

The story goes...as I was watching the Hallmark Channel today, Martha was getting awfully tipsy on martinis at the Dram Bar and suggested to her young suitors they might go have a bite to eat...at a restaurant of their choice. These two clever fellows took Martha to eat at this cool, hippy joint called Pies n Thighs. Watching those three eat that saucy looking Chicken Biscuit made me run to the computer to check it all out! Drats...no recipes...I must have the secret sauce that was saturated all over that scrumptious looking biscuit. Anyone gotta clue??

Martha has long been my hero(ine), but now I have three more...Sarah Buck, Carolyn Bane, and Erika Geldzahler who opened this sinfully delicious looking joint...Pies n Thighs! Can't wait to go there. Oh, and the Dram Bar looked good, too...
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