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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Enjoying The Good Life and A Perfect Iced Coffee

Each and every day for a very long while, I have been enjoying a hot and delicious (most of the time) latté at my choice of coffee shops around the area. Started this pleasurable (and expensive) little habit back in 2005 when I lived in Fayetteville, Arkansas and decided (what was I thinking) to complete my degree (Anthropology) at the University of Arkansas. This effort (B.A.2008) was no easy task for a non-traditional (old) student like myself. Immediately recognized it would take many hours of waking at the crack of dawn, driving to the University, and dragging a 30 pound book bag all over the Hill. My morning latté was the only way I survived (do you know how hard college algebra is) and completed my mission. This creature of habit has continued the latté tradition (through the winter months) with the replacement of an iced coffee during the summer time. 

BTW, do you know how much a habit of this magnitude costs...about as much as the cost of my degree (well almost). Anyway, have not mastered the perfect latte at home (can't afford an ultra gourmet latté maker) however, to defray some of the iced coffee expense, I can make the heck out of a perfect iced coffee (of which I am enjoying right now as I blog away). Enjoying the good life (so nice to be out of school) and a perfect iced coffee. Cheers!

How to make Perfect Iced Coffee:
2 1/2 cups robust coffee grounds ( I use Community Coffee with Chicory)
1 gallon cold water
1.  Pour coffee grounds into a large bowl. Add the gallon of cold water. Stir a tad.
2.  Cover with saran wrap and place out of the way for about 8 hours to allow the coffee and water to mate.
3. After 8 hours (don't cheat, you want it strong) gather a 1 gallon pitcher, some cheese cloth, and a 2 cup measuring cup with pouring spout near the sink area. 
4.  Put the cheesecloth over the top edge of the pitcher, hold it tight with your fingers (didn't say this was easy) and using the 2 cup measuring cup, pour the coffee grind mixture into the pitcher being careful not to let the cheesecloth slip. Wring the cheesecloth out (into the pitcher) when a bunch of grinds accumulate and then toss the grinds down your disposal. 
5. Leave your coffee in the pitcher or pour your wonderful brew into a fancy decanter (got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond) and place in the fridge to dispense whenever the iced coffee urge hits you. Will last for a couple of weeks in the fridge.

For An Iced Coffee:  
Simply dispense some of your coffee into an ice filled glass half way, add milk of choice for the other half, don't forget to give it some sweetness (like sugar or sweetener) and stir away. And whatever you do, don't forget the straw.

I strongly recommend this coffee with almond milk and Splenda!!! Also, strongly recommend getting your degree early in life, but it's really never too late.