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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Fill Your Tummys You Sons-of- Bitches" @ Roper's Restaurant

Big food, small town, high hopes for Roper's Restaurant in Gravel Ridge. Had lunch there the other day(gazin' at the Duke) and enjoyed a monster Chef's Salad with homemade 1000 Island Dressing. Plenty of ham, eggs, cheese, tomatoes, and whatever else you expect of a classic chef's salad. Secret ingredient was the pepperoni! Some Pinto Beans and Fried Onion Rings rounded out our meal. Rings were a little greasy for my tastes buds and the beans were a little bland. Overall, the experience was good and will return. Don't know how the pricey steaks on the menu will turn out, but it's nice to be able to take the little Missy out to get a steak with fix-ins' (if you eat steak) at a small town restaurant.  Seems like we have lost most of the steak houses in the NLR/JAX area. Oops, forgot about the long standing Western Sizzlin' in Jax.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Curries and Catfish at Thai City in Siloam Springs

You can get really great ethnic food in the NWArkansas area and Thai City in Siloam Springs is just the place for some really good Thai food.  Located at 110 Hwy 412 East this small restaurant is nestled in a location that has served many restaurants in the last few years. Maybe Thai City is here to stay since they serve a delicious array of spicy and nicey ethnic dishes that agree with most palates. Being on the vegan wagon is easy with their delicious veggie curry. The baby eggplants are so tender and savory! Also, a must try is the crispy catfish dish...a perfect crunch with lots of veggies and rice. Prices are reasonable with the catfish coming in at around $10(easily serves two)and service is great! Just a short distance from the Cherokee Casino located on the OK/AR border. While you may lose your booty at the casino, you will certainly consider yourself a winner if you stop in at Thai City! Seems like the only sit down restaurant in Siloam open till around 8:00pm!

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