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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wished Lindsey's BBQ Would Get Their Groove Back...

Gee, I hate to say bad things about past loves...but, I went to Lindsey's BBQ the other day for lunch and I was sooooo disappointed. Had the pork BBQ combo and gosh, it was sort of tasteless. Was one of those...looked really good but, no flavor. My side of beans tasted a bit bland, as well. Maybe I was suppose to pour the BBQ sauce sitting on the table all over my sandwich to spruce it up, but I didn't. Anyway, my lunch companion had the turkey and dressing plate with mixed greens, steamed cabbage, cornbread, and hushpuppy. I sampled the dressing and did not catch any trace of sage...what the heck was that all about?? Dressing without sage overload is an unforgivable sin where I come from. Maybe my taste buds were out to lunch that day, or I was having a bad one, or they were having a bad one, but I really wish this place would get their BBQ and soul food groove back. Total bill with drinks was $14.15 so I shouldn't complain too much. The greens were good...

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