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Monday, August 13, 2012

Small Town BBQ greatness...BBQ Sandwich at Mick's BBQ

In the North Little Rock area, if you haven't stopped out 3609 MacArthur Drive (old Conway Hwy), just pass the Levy I40 entrance (about where the old Scenic Drive Inn was located), and picked up a BBQ special (includes chips and tea) from Mick's, you simply haven't experienced small town BBQ at its very best! The special for about $6 bucks at Mick's is simply to Di for!! Reminds me of the(very) old and now gone, White Pig Inn which was located across the street from the old MOPAC RR (now Union Pacific RR) on Pike Avenue. Remember that one?? Anyway, with lots of tasty rich sauce, huge chunks of freshly smoked pork, and a touch of slaw (if you desire), Mick's BBQ  makes one of the BEST BBQ sandwiches around! Sit out front under the awning or in your car...open on Sunday, too.

Mick's Bar-B-Q on Urbanspoon
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