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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Peace and Tranquility for Dining Baby Boomers

Last night me and #3 had our weekly date night at the Crazy Hibachi in North Little Rock and I must say it was fun, delicious, and slightly annoying. I'm referring to all the screaming and yelling children who were also enjoying themselves at our grill and the other stations as well. Now, I love little kids and all, but there is a time and place for everything...am I the only baby boomer around who loves the idea of banning younger children from certain restaurants??

I do acknowledge that totally prohibiting the little screamers from certain establishments could cause added problems for the restaurant owner, so I suggest that management attempt to please us dictatorial baby boomers in a more passive/aggressive manner with these three simple ideas...

  1. Cut the kid's menu which gives a huge discount to these thoughtless parents. The kids don't eat much anyway and parents seem to be abusing this price reduction by taking adult size servings home for the little angels to eat later...sure.
  2. Have a designated SPECIAL area for these kind of patrons...an interactive kiddie/parent corner, preferably somewhere completely out of sight and hearing range of other responsible diners. Parents and kids could all pitch in together and tidy the area as food is thrown all over the tables, chairs, and floors. Those parents appalled at this kind of social networking and confinement (with other like patrons) might choose to pay a sitter the next time they go out and keep everyone happy.
  3. As a last resort to coax these heedless parents to come to their senses, management should cut a deal with the local Chuck E Cheese's and hand out coupons with a subliminal vengeance. After all, kids would certainly enjoy a more kid friendly atmosphere than going out to the fuddyduddy places their parents are dragging them to.

Well, just some food for thought...what's your opinion on this hot topic concerning dining out with brats?? Also, please leave a suggestion in the comment section below as to where my date night should be next week. If we choose to eat at your selection, you will receive a gift certificate at that establishment! Maybe we could hook up and dine together...just leave the kids at home. Deadline for comments is August 2, 2011 at 3 pm CST.
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