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Monday, November 29, 2010

My Favorite Spot in the Rock

Yesterday, me and #3 had lunch at my fave restaurant in the Rock...The Flying Fish! We love to race down on a Sunday (as we attempt but forever fail) to beat the Baptists and get in line for some really serious food eating. My choice tends to be the Tilapia Grilled Fish Tacos with Red Beans and Rice. #3 seems to be choosing a Grilled Fish Platter of some sort these days. Along with the scrumptious side dishes like Steamed Spinach, we are able to eat wisely and watch our figures even at this fried fish haven!

Try this cool and trendy place when you are in the Rock...and don't forget to 'walk it off' in the River Market area! Lots of fabulous places to visit within walking distance and we especially love to stroll down to the Old State House to check out the historical stuff they have on display as we not only get smarter about the history of the Natural State, but burn calories to and fro. Also, be sure to ask for a FF License and eat every ninth meal free!
Flying Fish of Little Rock on Urbanspoon
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